You probably have already heard of him. Dan Bilzerian, the most iconic Instagram celebrity of the moment and also a famous poker player. He is the son of Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen and born in Tampa, Florida, United States of America on 7 December 1980. He also has brother who is also a poker player. His father is a former business man specialised in company takeover and he originally comes from Armenia. However, a large part of the family was killed during the genocide in Armenia.

In 2000 he went to follow the marine training of the Navy Seals, but he did not finish this. It is said that he was dismissed from the program due to a safety issue on the shooting range. After his “military career” Bilzerian signed up at the University of Florida with as main subjects Business and Criminology.

Now he is a social media celebrity and successful poker player. He has more than 10 million followers on Instagram and his capital is estimated at about 150 million dollars. A fortune that he partly inherited and partly earned as adventurous capitalist, professional poker player but also as an actor. For example, he was a stunt man in the film Olympus has fallen and he also had a small part in The Other Woman. But is mainly famous for his exuberant lifestyle.

He has villas in Hollywood, California and Las Vegas, Nevada where he regularly throws lavish parties. He shares his experiences on Instagram with pictures of himself and his main passions: scantily dressed women and fast cars. But this exuberant lifestyle and heavy drugs use have left their marks. Before he reached the age of 32 Bilzerian had already suffered three heart attaches.

It is clear that Bilzerian is a very controversial figure, but he does what he wants and not without success if we may believe the balance of his bank account.

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